Advanced Development


63 MW

Installed power

43.399,2 ton CO2

Annual avoided emissions

About the project

Creed is a large-scale PV project located in Kershaw County, South Carolina, where our team found the ideal land to build this project with minimal transmission constraints and with the support of the landowners and neighbors.

By analyzing the land and the interconnection process, and with continuous meetings with the landowners, environmental, and interconnection agents, the team has developed a solid PV project to supply the area with clean renewable energy.

Structure of a
Solar Plant

Structure of a
Solar panel

Structure of a
Solar panel

  1. Mounting
  2. ARC tempered glass
  3. EVA/POE
  4. Photovoltaic cells
  5. EVA/POE
  6. Tempered glass
  7. Connections Box