Why Grenergy

Our business model offers unique profitability for all.

+ 15 Projects on US soil

We want to help our country transition out of fossil fuel.

Pipeline 2974 MW (PV)

We have projects in various phases of development.

+ 15.5 GW worldwide

Distributed amongst ​over 71 connected plants.

Present in 11 countries

We are strengthening our presence and implementation in Europe.

About Grenergy

About Grenergy USA

Sofos Harbert Renewable Energy was the result of the strategic partnership between Juan Mayoral, former CEO of Sofos Energy, and Billy Harbert, CEO of BL Harbert international. Sofos Harbert Renewable Energy was dedicated to being leaders in the design, development, and construction of solar energy installations worldwide.

In February 2023, Grenergy Renovables bought 100% of SHRE, reinforcing the commitment of both companies to energy development in the United States. Grenergy is now well positioned in the American market thanks to their experienced team with a solar development portfolio of over 2 GW.

We are growing up

We have increased our workforce, we are now +500 employees. And we’re still hiring!


We are committed to the environment and society through the communities in which we are present.


We are looking for a young and dynamic environment. We are certified for the second consecutive year with “Great Place To Work”.

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Local value

By collaborating with us, you get to experience first hand how renewable energy benefits your community and yourself.

Local value

Human capital

Develop your professional career in a sustainable company, listed on the stock market and in full international expansion.

Human capital